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Benefit from our many years of experience. Those who choose our service will see a real difference. We are a service and support company who specializes in late model washers, dryers, ironers, and small piece folders. 


To achieve the best results we offer:

  • Service and repair work.
  • Hard to find dryer parts.
  • PLC dryer upgrades, full panel at a low price.
  • Capable of Plant Start Up, Rigging, and Refurbishing.


Efusion Technologies: Is a division of West Coast Laundry Repair. At Efusion's Technologies we pride ourselfs on keeping up with cutting edge Green Technologies. We work with a multitude of industries to bring the latest technologies to the Industrial Laundry Industry. Efusion Universal Dryer Controll is based on a Allen Bradley Platform communicating ethernet for real time data. Efusion monitors every apsec of the dryer, by monitoring all these inputs it allows Efusion to display warnings of potential problems with the dryer, if serious enough to shut the dryer down untill the problems are checked. We strive on keeping the dryer running as efficient as possible. By using Ethernet not only does it allow for ease of installation but allow for real time data weather the dryer is running a formula or not.


Efusion's full panel upgrade comes standard with Ethernet for real time data reporting, ease of installation, standard components such as: exhaust blower motor soft start, inverter drive for basket motor, mod motor, all new proximity sensors, remote I/O's, front / rear door tilt valves, panel build in a UL508A panel shop.


Efusion's compact design allows us to install more hardware in a small foot print. With the intergrated Ethernet the control wiring is limited to machine safety, fire suppresion, and high power wiring. All wiring is color coded to UL standards.


Built on an Allen Bradley platform. Compact Logixs is the brains of the system. Consistent tools and features lower engineering investments costs, ease of diagnostics, and troubleshooting. The system includes a 1 GB SD card for fast program save and restore. With it's compact nature the system comes standard with 16 input / 16 outputs, and embedded Ethernet. This enbedded Ethernet allows for simple expansion of the system. The system comes with two remote I/O's modules that are used to communicate with the dryer machine movement sensors, air valves outputs, and a few other operations.


The two key components to the system are the basket drives and the exhaust blower motor soft start. The basket frequency inverter can come in a multitude of sizes, but 5 and 7-1/2 HP being the most common. This drive communicates Ethernet, by communicating Ethernet it eliminates the need for expansion modules and complicated wiring. It allows for muilti-stage speeds for different load sizes and classifications, it allows the goods to stay in suspension (for optimum drying) rather then sticking to the sides of the basket. A 25 HP soft start has also been installed to start the exhaust blower motor with ease, eliminating amp spikes keeping power comsumpsion to a minimum.   



Pay us a visit and see the difference.

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